"mind freeing"




"Thank you very much for this very inspiring film. For me, the film was very profound, showing a simple yet challenging way how to get in tune with ourselves when we have the courage to meet and feel the silence in harmony with nature.

Rather, through the music and the sounds, than through the picture, I was sent on a journey. All these impressions, also the moving pictures, which I could sympathize very deeply, touched me deeply. Precisely because they do not make any theatrical or estetic detours. "Full in the heart", it is probably quite good. In fact, my mind was so paralyzed that I needed a day to give you adequate feedback.

The message is just wonderful and essential for all people. There will certainly be people who will not understand it in the first step, because many are stuck in their patterns and beliefs. It is all the more important to convey the message of what happens when they are liberated with the help of nature.
There are a lot of people who need to watch this film. When will the film be purchased and where?


Many thanks for this performance of natural fascination. This idea to truly become one with nature still touches me deeply. The film has beautifully presented it, to all depths.


I finally was able to view your film! I love it! What a beautiful work of art you have created here! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I love the feminine medicine that comes through this film and the dimension that you're clearly kindred with. Very medicinal!


This was medicine for my soul.


                                                            A total work of art.


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