"This is

not just a movie,

this is art"


"A truly 



Riwakuy 360° is a 90 minute experimental film about the deep connection and communication with nature as a bridge into our expanded consciousness. Visibly and perceptibly it takes the viewer on an intensive and unusual journey of a woman into nature and other dimensions. This journey leads deeper and deeper into the inside and fascinates the viewer more and more until he suddenly notices that he has suddenly landed in his own journey. The film does not provide conventional answers or explanations and yet, in a subtle and subtle way, it reveals to the viewer the secret of essential and elementary being. He provides little material for the mind and chooses, through his simple but intense sounds and songs as well as his artistic organic worlds of colour a unique way and takes those who enter the experiment into a mystical dimension of the Quuami world from a strange galaxy. He is dramatically unusual and a new kind of experience that expands the viewers own borders.
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